2017 Family Camp brochure is now available.

Reflections on Family Camp 2016

Summit Grove provided a serene setting for Family Camp held July 16 - 23. The weather was beautiful and the staff hospitality matched the warm temperatures we enjoyed.

True Heart opened in grand fashion with a concert on Saturday evening in the open air tabernacle. You could sense it was going to be a special time as we prayed to commit Family Camp to God and invited him to visit us. This prayer was repeated throughout the week at the 7:00 AM Prayer Time. The attendance averaged 258 in the evening service, 97 in the morning Bible hour, 85 Global seminars, 56 for the Teen Ministry and 34 in the Kids program.

Eastern District Superintendent

District Superintendent Terry Smith flanked by Assistants Duane Stine on the left and Alan Rathbun on the right

District Superintendent, Rev. Terry Smith, spoke in the Sunday morning service and introduced the theme “Thrive….Not Just Survive”. The messages and worship focused on how we can thrive in our Christian walk. Duane Stine and Alan Rathbun from the District office took part with Duane leading the Program Team and Alan leading the services and conducting interviews

Family Camp Speakers

Evening speaker Tim Meier on the left and Bible hour speaker Ira Towns.

We looked at examples in scripture of thriving during the morning Bible hour. Rev. Ira Towns, Assistant to Mid-Atlantic District Superintendent Doug Conley, effectively shared transforming truths from scripture.

Rev. Tim Meier oversees the Envision Ministry in the national office of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. His messages in the evening services were impacting as he clearly communicated the Word of God.

Family Camp Missionaries

Alan interviewing Missionaries Alace and Steve Straw


Teen Family Camp


Matt Boyer sharing with the teens

Kids Family Camp

Ryan Clark and helpers with the kids

Rev. Matt Boyer directed the Teen Ministry and a team from Toccoa Falls College led worship in the morning service.  The teens joined the adults with Tim Meier in the evening service.

Pastor Ryan Clarke ministered to the Children through lessons, singing and science tricks in the morning and evening. The week wrapped up with the kids taking the stage during the adult evening service to sing.

Family Camp Concert

Herald Brass in concert

Family Camp Coffee Shop

Service with a smile at the Broken Bits coffee shop

Special concerts included Alex Brubaker on guitar and Herald Brass.

Afternoons allow flexibility to enjoy the pool and recreation opportunities such as walking or riding bikes on the rail to trial next to Camp or relaxing in the shade with family and friends.

A welcomed addition by the staff at Summit Grove this year was the Broken Bits Coffee Shop featuring fresh brewed coffee, cappuccinos and iced coffee. The name encourages us that when we go through trials, God can mend our brokenness.  

This year’s Family Camp made an indelible impact and we invite you to join us in 2017. Family Camp will be held July 15th through July 22rd. We are pleased to announce the Evening Speaker will be Rock Dillaman. He has served for nearly 30 years as the lead Pastor at Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh. This urban ministry has an average attendance just under 3,000.

Summit Grove is located South of York PA and is conveniently located to serve both the Eastern PA District and Mid-Atlantic District.

Please introduce people to Family Camp by circulating this newsletter at your church, post it on your Facebook account and forward it to friends who may have an interest.

A Campers Perspective

Campers Perspective

“2016 Family Camp is best described for us as a week of change. It’s so easy to go about daily life with your head down, wheels in the same rut, and doing it all without understanding how much God wants to keep you filled with His strength and Spirit.  We were both excited to attend Summit Grove Camp this year, and from the moment we arrived until the day we left, we felt the closeness of family.  It was such a relaxing atmosphere, and the times of fellowship coupled with sharing after the services were so encouraging. The speakers were passionate about sharing God’s truth, and willing to continue the discussion after the service.

The new coffee shop and camp staff were very accommodating and friendly – always service with a smile. We greatly enjoyed our time at Family Camp and look forward to next year. Thank you for a great week – well done”.

Kip and Dawn Anspach