Facilities Director

Major Responsibilities:

Project Management:

  • With the Executive Director, plan, organize and implement construction and infrastructure projects, and help create a multi-year plan of action based on a Strategic Plan set by the board.
  • Create and optimize estimates and financial responsibilities for moving a project from concept to completion.
  • Manage the details, volunteers, contractors, and resources needed for project completion.
  • Be the main liaison for driving a project forward and completing it in a timely and cost-efficient manner
  • Organize, prioritize, budget for, and communicate various projects

Building, Grounds & Equipment Maintenance:

  • Coordinate the volunteers who are responsible for the upkeep and improvement of facilities and grounds – including lawn maintenance, beautification, cleaning, trash, and ongoing maintenance of grounds and equipment.
  • Maintain a budget to buy, replace, or restore current equipment or new equipment cost-effectively
  • Maintain or coordinate volunteers to maintain the pool, Tabernacle, grounds, buildings, campground, etc. on a regular basis
  • Maintain or coordinate volunteers to maintain all equipment/vehicles on a regular schedule
  • Project maintenance costs for each fiscal year budget

Volunteer Coordination:

  • Recruit volunteers to help mow grass, trim weeds, cut/split wood and other specific projects
  • Coordinate the projects, budget, and job responsibilities for annual volunteer work days
  • Plan work for, organize and lead work groups

Guest Services & Group Preparation:

  • Complete work orders from housekeeping and other staff to keep the lodging spaces, meeting rooms, kitchens, restrooms, and facilities exceptional for positive guest experiences.
  • Assist in preparing grounds, facilities and equipment to accommodate upcoming guests, camps, and retreat groups needs. This may include things such as preparing A/V equipment, rearranging floor plans, taking out trash, moving heavy objects, and coordinating with other staff to ensure a space is ready for guests.
  • Ability to work occasional weekends, or weekends on a rotating schedule, as the primary point of contact for guests’ needs.
  • Willingness to be on call for guest needs as they arise.
  • Willingness to be friendly and interact with guests to help them feel welcome and cared for.

Additional Duties:

  • Other duties may be added or changed depending on person’s skills, abilities, and desires
  • Occasionally assist with housekeeping and/or event preparation duties as needed
  • As a team-oriented staff, considerations can be made to include a spouse job description if a spouse is interested in employment at Summit Grove. Several job descriptions are available on a regular basis. 




Physical Demands:

Reports to:

Compensation/ Benefits:



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