Summit Grove is a 501(3) (c) not-for-profit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible. Summit Grove mails a receipt for all donations specifying the date and amount of the donation.

  One of the greatest ways you can help Summit Grove Camp is to give an unrestricted gift. The costs associated with operating Summit Grove have changed dramatically in recent years due to increases in personnel costs, medical insurance costs, utility costs, repairs and the like. Our pricing structure does not allow us to recoup all of our expenses on an annual basis and routinely bring us to a zero balance. We have felt like we cannot increase our prices at the same pace of the increase of our expenses. Summit Grove needs approximately $500,000 in unrestricted giving each year. The following are some additional ways to support to offset costs for Summit Grove Camp.
  We are currently rebuilding and remodeling many of the building here are Summit Grove. Because of the age of the camp (1865) many of the building are in need of repair. Current estimation of repairs and upgrades to existing buildings is $50,000.00. We are also beginning the planning to build a multi center complex that will cost a minimum of 3million. This addition will have an indoor basketball/volley ball court, male/female bath houses, café, expandable rooms for small to large groups for conferences and studies.
  List of needs and current status. This past year Summit Grove Camp gave away over $4000.00 in scholarship funds to low-income families and others who applied for scholarships. With the changing economy, we expect this amount to exceed $10,000 during 2010. So far we have received 2965.00 towards our goal.
  Upcoming concerts and other events.