“Something New” Capital Campaign

Year-End Fundraising Goal: $358k

(Total Phase 1 Budget is $716k)

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Honoring our history ... and planning our future

We are moving into “Something New” at Summit Grove! Over the next few years, we will be working systematically through Development Phases to prioritize infrastructure, facilities, and programming upgrades that allow Summit Grove to more effectively accomplish its mission — creating space for people to encounter God, connect with others, and enjoy life.

In our history spanning over two centuries, we’ve seen the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth, adults, and families impacted positively in their walk with Christ, their connection to community, and their ability to rest and rejuvenate in a beautiful outdoor setting at Summit Grove. We know that there are thousands more stories to tell over the next several decades. 

Our goal is to partner with you to see God’s will fulfilled for Summit Grove’s future! Our capital campaign, launched in 2020, will help us move each phase forward. Learn more about the upcoming phases below

phase 1: "focus on foundations"

  • Water Line Replacement

  • Electrical Supply Upgrades

  • Campground Renovation

Phase 1 is all about focusing on the foundational aspects of our camp and conference center ministry. Mostly, this phase includes strategic planning, financial stewardship, and infrastructure upgrades. There are two primary infrastructure issues that directly impact all future renovations and programming: electrical and plumbing. While these necessities are not too glamorous in the short-term, they provide a foundation for which we can build future phases upon. Because infrastructure typically does not bring an immediate financial return on investment, the board has decided to begin our infrastructure efforts in the campground/RV sites area. The result — 15 new RV sites! This phase will allow our underutilized campground to have clearly defined spaces, proper hookups, wifi, no overhead wires, and better functionality for our guests.

Why start here?

  • Infrastructure requirements

  • Saves $12k/yr in leaks

  • 15 RV Sites + recurring revenue

  • ROI rollover to Phase 2

Year-End Fundraising Goal: $358k

(Total Phase 1 Budget is $716k)

phase 2: "creating spaces"

  • Tabernacle Renovations

  • Retreat Space Zones

  • Camp Activities Development

  • Bathroom Facilities

Phase 2 is all about optimizing the spaces on Summit Grove’s grounds. We are incorporating a long-term sustainability plan where there will be several “zones” across Summit Grove’s property. Each of the zones will have 1) places to sleep 2) meeting space 3) food options and 4) activity options. Phase 2 will be examining each zone, determining the financial estimations required to complete that zone, and prioritizing the zones that allow Summit Grove to best accomplish it’s mission in a financially sustainable way. 

What are these zones?

  • Event Venue (Tabernacle, Dining Hall, Pavilion)
  • Conference Space (Lodge, Motel, Banquet Room)
  • Retreat Space (Dorms 1, 2 and 3, White House)
  • Youth Space (The Barn, A-Frame Cabins)
  • Day Camp Space (Activity Field, Pool, Playground)
  • Campground Space (RV Sites, Campsites, Glampsites)
  • Cottages

Goal: TBD

Phase 2 will be laid out in more specific details, and Phase 3 will be announced, in the months ahead. Stay tuned to this page for updates!

Completed Projects

While we work on raising capital for our larger renovation projects, we will continue actively working on smaller projects across camp. Check out some of our recent completed projects!