Food Services Manager/ Weekend Chef

Major Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with Guest Services Manager to prepare meals for guests and groups
  • Own all aspects of the menu planning and food ordering process
  • Manage all aspects of the meal prep and meal service
  • Prepare and serve all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during weekends and occasional weekdays
  • Manage the Snack Shack during large outdoor events
  • Clean up meals, put away leftovers, and supervise kitchen and dining room cleanup
  • Train and direct food services volunteers and staff
  • Supervise and double-check work done by food staff
  • Kitchen planning, research, and cost analysis
  • Maintain and build relationships with vendors, food banks, and kitchen suppliers to ensure cost-efficiency
  • Keep stock and inventory of both kitchens (Dining Hall and Lodge Kitchen)




Physical Demands:

Reports to:

Compensation/ Benefits:



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