Who Dunnit Mystery Dinner Theater (Cowboy Weekend)

about the dinner theatre

This is Summit Grove’s second interactive mystery dinner theatre. In 2021, both showings were sold out, so we added a third showing this year!

“Election year has fallen on Train Town and it’s time for its citizens to show their support for their favorite sheriff. During a fundraiser campaign chaos erupts and someone goes missing. Will the ransom be paid to bring them back? Come and find out. Join us at Summit Grove’s Mystery Dinner Theatre “Vote for Sheriff” for a night of laughter and suspense, over a nice meal! Be prepared to be a part of the cast as this is an interactive time of fun.”

This event is hosted by Summit Grove as an annual fundraiser, in conjunction with Northern Central Railway’s Cowboy Weekend. A silent auction and other opportunities to donate to Summit Grove will also be held during each event. Enjoy a great catered meal and hors d’oeuvres while enjoying the scenes and songs happening all around you!


Various Hors d’oeuvres, Chicken Alfredo, Pulled Pork, Green Beans, Garlic Potatoes, Rolls, Dessert

*Meatless and wheat-free options are available upon request.

about cowboy weekend

This celebration of cowboy culture immerses visitors in the most unique movement of the 1800s. The Wild West movies from the 1950s to today romanticize the life of the cowboy (and cowgirl) and make us all want to be participants in the cowboy life.

This family-friendly event includes:

• An interactive cowboy carnival in the heart of New Freedom
• Live train robberies aboard the No. 17
• Authentic cowboy camp at Summit Grove
• Performances by musicians, magicians, buskers, and brawlers
• Cowboy shootouts with the good guys and the bad guys
• A Sunday morning service for those who worship
• Cowboy story-telling around the campfire
• Cowboy-centric entertainment for children
• Onsite cowboy camping for interested attendees
• Interactive elements for volunteer guests

lodging options

We offer lodging during Cowboy Weekend! Choose from our variety of lodging options — our campsites, RV sites, motel, Lodge, A-Frame Cabins. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing lodging.


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